If you have (or will have by the end of S6) the minimum entry requirements for a degree course, you may wish to consider applying to university.

Going to university opens up a whole world of new challenges and experiences. Choosing a university is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. It is worth taking time to make sure you make the right choice. Many students drop out every year from university courses as a result of choosing the wrong course or the wrong university. Don't make that mistake! The key to choosing the right course and the right location for you is thorough research.

You should have a 'plan B' ready in case you apply for university and don't get in.

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Getting academic references as part of your application
University may not always be the first step.
Admission advice for university candidates
Exams not good? It's not the end.
Important and non-negotiable dates in the process
Covering the costs of University
Applicants for some university courses may be required to attend an interview.
The Lothians Equal Access Programme for Schools
Some courses need to be applied for earlier than others.
Once UCAS respond to you
One of the most challenging aspects of the application process
Once you have registered with UCAS Apply