It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Linlithgow Academy website and to thank you for your interest in our school.


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The community of Linlithgow is rightly proud of its Academy and the many current and former pupils that have passed through its doors over many years.

Education in the town of Linlithgow can be traced back to 1187 with records dating a school back to 1894. We are proud to continue this heritage and as Head Teacher I am delighted to be part of this community and rightly take pride in ensuring the school embodies the high standards and community values that we all deem important. 

I am regularly impressed by the commitment and standards shown by staff and pupils to both academic study and the wide range of other opportunities afforded to pupils at Linlithgow Academy.  You will see that the achievements of many pupils are recognised and celebrated in the pages of this website .

If our school values are in place, then our young people will not only develop a sense of who they are and what they can become, but will do so in a supportive yet educationally challenging environment.

Central to my personal values and vision is a desire that every member of our school community feels happy, valued and respected, is supported fairly and well and has opportunities to progress and experience academic and personal success. I have high expectations for our young people and expect them to be positive, responsible and to become increasingly active role models for others within our school community. Those same high expectations I also place on myself and my school colleagues with key professional values based on social justice, trust, respect and integrity very much at the heart of what it means to be a member of staff at Linlithgow Academy.

This is embodied in our school vision statement; 'Learning for Improvement, Aspiring to Achieve' as a fundamental goal we can all support.

I invite you to browse the pages of this website. I am sure you will feel the positive ethos and supportive culture that exists at Linlithgow Academy!

Please use the contact details at the bottom of this page if you have any questions or suggestions of items you would find useful on the website.

Best wishes

Grant Abbot