Vision and Values 2023

We believe our refreshed school vision statement "Together We Thrive" and our core school values of kindness, curiosity, perseverance, and fairness provide valuable insights into the overall ethos and culture of our school.

Our vision statement "Together We Thrive" means we place an emphasis on collaboration and unity. It indicates we want our young people, our staff, and our parents/carers to work together as a community to create an environment where everyone can flourish academically, socially, and emotionally.

The value of kindness demonstrates our school values empathy, compassion, and respect towards others. It promotes a positive and supportive atmosphere where young people are encouraged to treat each other with understanding and consideration.

The value of curiosity points to a school that fosters a love for learning and encourages our young people to be inquisitive, open-minded, and eager to explore new ideas. We want to cultivate critical thinking skills and a lifelong passion for knowledge.

The value of perseverance signifies our belief in the importance of resilience and determination. Our young people are encouraged to overcome challenges, develop grit, and persist in their pursuit of personal and academic goals.

Finally, the value of fairness highlights the importance of equity and justice within our school. Everyone is treated fairly and equally, regardless of their background, abilities, or circumstances. We believe this value fosters an inclusive and supportive environment where diversity is celebrated.

Our 'Core Purpose' which reflects our learning will assist in setting out our revised school curriculum rationale which will be finalised during session 2023.2024. 

Our 'Core Expectations' will also inform our revised positive relationships policy which will also be finalised during session 2023.2024. 

By embracing our vision statement "Together We Thrive" and embodying our values of kindness, curiosity, perseverance, and fairness, we are committed to creating a nurturing and inspiring educational environment that prepares our young people to become compassionate, critical thinkers who positively contribute to society.