School Captains 2023.2024

Our aims for this year....

Our school believes in pupils, parents and staff having their voice not just heard, but also acted upon. Which is why this year, we will strive to improve our communication across the school community, so we can work together as a team to continue to improve how our school feels. We want everyone to feel valued, included and respected and will keep this at the heart of all work we do, and we know building strong relationships is the key to this. Our new school vision, 'Together We Thrive' encourages us to make Linlithgow Academy feel like home and be a place where all young people feel they belong. 


A little bit about us......

Rowan -

Hello, my name is Rowan and I am thrilled to be one of Linlithgow Academy's head students for this year, as it is a position from which I know I can positively impact our school community. I am excited to be able to work in a dynamic and enthusiastic team with Joe, Orla, and Rebecca, and it will be such a memorable experience to share and develop ideas with them. I have extensive experience working with others, mainly from the football teams I've played in, however I'm also perfectly happy to get work done by myself. My passions for literature, film, and music have allowed me to open myself to new ideas and I enter every situation with an open mind, and being one of the school's reading ambassadors, I work to spread excitement and passion around reading. If anyone ever needs anything, or has a suggestion, then I'm available. I hope that with my team, we can nurture a sense of belonging at Linlithgow Academy, as everyone that is here deserves to feel accepted and respected. Here's to a fantastic year!

Orla - 

Hello, I'm Orla and I am extremely grateful to be representing the school as one of the Head Students for the 2023/24 academic year. Through my journey at the Academy so far I've been heavily involved with lots of clubs and opportunities within the school, I was apart of Team Vortex competing in F1 in Schools and taking the school to compete at National level. In my BGE years I was apart of the pupil council, drama & dance club. I am now an F1 in Schools Ambassador and have responsibilities involved in buddying and within the role of prefect. I am a keen Motorsport enthusiast, helping me realise that everyone should be able to do whatever it is they wish, and no stereotypes should define them. I'm a chatty, sociable individual and I'm always available for anyone with any worries or just for a catch up! Looking forward to working with such a talented team this year and seeing what's lined up for us all!


Joe - 

Hi, my name is Joe. I am one of the deputy head students at Linlithgow Academy! I am an active member of the community in Linlithgow- attending many youth clubs and more. I play the piano and love running. I have played musical instruments since the early age of 3. I used to be a member of the pupil council and have attended many school groups through the years! Ever since I was a child, I have loved communicating and talking with people, music has been a huge part of my life and my identity, there is always a song in my head- if you see me ask which one it is at that point and I guarantee there will be one! I want to bring a sense of humour and a nurturing nature to the role of deputy head boy, so Linlithgow academy is a welcoming and inclusive haven for pupils, so if you ever need someone to talk to I'm always happy to!


Rebecca -

Hi my name Is Rebecca (Becca), and I am the deputy head girl this year of Linlithgow Academy. Through my years at Linlithgow Academy I have taken up many amazing opportunities that the school offer, some include being a Health and wellbeing buddy, mentor for violence prevention and many more. I have learnt many skills throughout these roles for example, communication and people skills, that will help me in my year as deputy head girl. I like to think of myself as a confident and open individual, which makes me easy to talk to and approach! I came from a very small primary school and I understand the importance of feeling included and being part of a community, so I would like to this year help in create a community feeling within the school and bring every one together. You can often find me in the s6 social area or study booths and I am always up for a chat!