Linlithgow Academy's Anywhere, Anytime Learning (AAL) network allows devices to connect to the internet using a secure connection. Digital technologies, including: laptops, tablets and mobile devices can provide pupils and their teachers with valuable opportunities to access the Internet, manage their work, and enhance teaching and learning. With our learners using MS Teams/ OneNote and other Microsoft tools in classes on a regular basis we want to integrate school and home learning as seamlessly as possible. When using devices learners should ensure the following:



Bring Your Own Device Pilot

Although we have a large number of school netbooks that pupils can use across Faculties we want to explore the possibility of learners bringing in their own laptops and netbook devices. So, as part of a Pilot programme, we want to initially encourage our S5 and S6 pupils to bring in their own devices (netbooks/laptops if they have one) during September and October 2023. Our S3 and S4 learners will be encouraged to bring in their own devices during November.We will monitor and assess how successful this is. Learning from this pilot programmes will then influence the next stage where we will actively encourage pupils in other year groups to also bring in their own laptops and netbooks. The images below sets out the details and reasons behind this pilot programme. School netbooks will continue to be available.

BYOD Pilot