Refreshing our school vision

Through an extensive consultation process involving pupils, staff, and parents/carers, we have gathered valuable insights that provide a clear direction for our school's aspirations. It is evident that our community desires a school that prioritises wellbeing, establishes clear expectations, and fosters high aspirations for all. You can view a summary of all the information gathered in the links section below.

Our next step is to distil these essential elements into a concise statement that can be widely disseminated and comprehended. It is crucial that our vision statement not only serves as a guiding principle for decision-making but also serves as an inspiring force that our entire school community embraces and embodies. Together, we commit ourselves to cultivating a strong sense of community, where every individual feels valued, supported, safe and motivated to reach their full potential.

Based on all returns received we need 3 elements to be visible or implied in any final vision statement:

1.      A focus on togetherness/community/inclusion either implied or visible

2.      A focus on wellbeing/agreed values either implied or visible

3.      A focus on learning either implied or visible


Along with the refreshed vision statement there will also be our refreshed school core values and refreshed school core rules. This will also be complimented by a new CORE pedagogical approach as we refresh our learning and teaching guidance.

Next Steps

We will be meeting with senior pupils on their return from study leave to give them their say in this consultation. We will also bring together a 'Vision writing group' of teaching staff/support staff and pupils to meet and talk through the findings and ultimately propose vision statements, brand styles etc that meet the criteria above. This will then be shared with everyone in our community before a final decision is made.

The 2nd attachment below sets out some draft vision exemplars (definitely not exhaustive but gives you an idea of themes), the 4 most popular school values chosen and a slightly proposed refresh on our current school rules to take into account a desire for 'safety' that came through especially in parental returns. Varying styles and designs are also used as examples, again to give an indication of what a final 'look' could be. Embedding our Vision, core values and core rules will all be part of a refreshed improvement priority for next session.