In advance of individual timetable being circulated it is possible to determine now whether the course choice options pupils have chosen are available by checking the relevant column choice sheet below. This sheet illustrates the schematic from which our timetable has been created. Columns have been determined by pupil 'free choices' made during course choice interviews.

If you can chose one of your subjects and academic levels from each column then you know your 'free choice' subject choices have been allocated to you. Please note subjects may be across more than 1 column. Any questions around course choice subject allocation can be directed to Mrs Bulloch DHT. (

For information, we have achieved a 98% overall success rate across S3 -S6 on matching pupil choices so the vast majority of pupils will have the course choice subjects they are expecting.

However, Higher Photography is not running due to low uptake and the West Lothian Academy option of Higher Psychology is no longer being offered. Pupils who have chosen these subjects will be contacted directly in due course. As an additional school option we will now offer SCQF Level 7 STEM Young Leader Award for S6 only. If interested, S6 pupils should email Mrs Bulloch for more details. 

Senior Phase Column Choice Structure 2023.2024

Timetable Columns 2023.24


S2-S3 Column Choice Structure 2023.2024

S2.S3 columns image 2023.24