Who we are

Linlithgow Young People's Project (LYPP) was planted at the heart of the community in 1990, with the support and partnership of the local churches. Their fundamental purpose now, as it was then, is to support the young people of Linlithgow and the surrounding areas in all aspects of their development, and to foster a sense of 'hope' in their lives and circumstances.

Today, this is done by engaging young people in a range of activities which enable them to express themselves in a wide variety of ways, and by creating opportunities for them to grow and develop new skills. The project has grown in size and scope over the years, and has gained wide support from the churches, the community and wider networks and organisations.

What we do

LYPP has 5 main areas of work: School's Work; Drop-ins; Health and Wellbeing; Counselling; and Holiday Programmes. Within Linlithgow Academy LYPP offers support through class inputs, events and a mentoring programme. Drop-ins are informal spaces that run in Linlithgow and Bridgend, where young people from S1-S6 are welcome to come and go as they please, join in activities, and find that safe space where they can build relationships and speak to adults that they trust. Holiday Programmes offer another opportunity for pupils to engage with LYPP over the Easter, Summer and October breaks, where a variety of affordable trips and local events are on offer.

For more information on any of these opportunities, please contact LYPP here.