By regularly monitoring pupil performance through rigorous tracking and monitoring we are able to keep you informed about your child's progress and their current capacity to pass each Senior Phase course they are taking or their current level and progress within the Broad General Education (S1-S3).

We believe there are two main purposes for tracking and reporting;

Firstly, to provide clear, positive and constructive feedback about children's and young people's learning and progress, looking back on what has been achieved against standards and expectations and secondly, to create an agenda for discussions between learners and those teaching and supporting them about their next steps in learning. 

The information shared through reporting should inform parents about what their child has achieved, how well he/she is doing against expectations and provide a summary of

  • what the learner has aimed for
  • their progress in what they have achieved so far
  • what needs to be done to continue to progress and improve achievement


Our Tracking Report templates and information given to parents is different. This is dependant on whether your child is in S1-S3 (Broad General Education) or in S4-S6 (Senior Phase). You can view what to expect in a particular tracking report and what our colour codes mean by clicking the page link below.