Additionally the two below are interviews with officers who recently joined, two of which were school leavers and provide a personal perspective.


March 2021

At AFC Harrogate we prepare 16 and 17 year olds for a career in the British Army, equipping Junior Soldiers with the military skills, fitness and education that they need for a great start in an exciting profession.

VIRTUAL EVENT: If you want to find out more about AFC Harrogate and the careers it leads on to, register here for our event on 22nd April at 6pm on 16+ Options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age can I apply and how?

You can apply from 15 years, 7 months online APPLY

Do I get paid in training?

Yes, your pay starts at around £15,600 and rises to £20,000 after completing 26 weeks of training

What qualifications do I need to join?

It depends which role you want to do, some roles require no qualifications.

When can I start?

There are 2 intakes each year in September and March.

Do I need specific training beforehand?

No, we give you all the training you need

Do I get an apprenticeship from AFC Harrogate?

You start your apprenticeship journey at AFC Harrogate, but you will complete your apprenticeship as part of your Trade Training in your job role. 98% of soldiers enrol on an apprenticeship programme.

ACC Newsletter

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